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Sonia‘s Birthday!

Once again the gang faces a birthday and this week is is the phenomenally funny and intelligent Sonia Stanger! They each pick a film that they hope will strike a chord with the birthday girl.

Sean‘s Birthday!

This week the gang celebrates the birthday of popular glamorous socialite (and writer of this logline) Sean Dunham by each recommending a film that they are sure will please the birthday boy. 


This week, the gang discusses the video-sharing platform TikTok like the hip, with-it kids they are. 

Manly Movies!

Sonia is away and the boys shall play. This week Sean and Geremy dig deep into the ~°mAnLiEsT°~ of movies.

Chick Flicks

Geremy is out on assignment this week so Sean and Sonia get real gurly. Chick Flicks are on the menu tonight.

The White Lotus: The Shy-zay Chronicles

This week the gang gets obsessed with HBO mini-series The White Lotus. Filmed during covid, it portrays how classism and racism reveal itself on a sunny Hawaiian resort vacation. Or does it?!?

Whatcha Watchin‘: Extended Remix

The jaunt through the decades has come to an end which means we have skipped Whatcha Watchin' for the last 100 years. This week, it's the entire show!

Chronological Salute To The 1920’s

It's the last decade of our summer romp throughout the decades! This week we bring our finale, the 1920's

Chronological Salute To The 1930’s

The century winds down but the films continue on! This week the gang digs into the films of the 1930's

Chronological Salute To The 1940’s

This week Sean, Sonia and Geremy keep hitting their stride counting down every decade of the last century. We shine a light on the films of the 1940's.

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