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Cucked By A Bee…Again!

Sean, Sonia and Geremy are taking a little summer vacation but they went back into the vault and found a very fun episode. This thin slice of history is from November of 2018 and the episode is about anthropomorphic non-human societies. It only goes downhill from there!


The world needs balance so we obviously cannot do a show about heat without also doing one on the c-c-c-c-cold. This week the gang chats about ice, snow and general chilliness on film.

It’s A Bit Hot Out There

You may not know this but it is quite warm out. Sean, Sonia and Geremy are inspired (or perspired) to chat all things about the way hot days are shown on screen.

Deadly Cannoli

You come to listen to our podcast on the day of our daughter's wedding? This week the gang watches the Godfather Trilogy and we have opinions!

Video Head Cassettes

This week the gang gets traditional and talks all thing VHS tapes. The process, the content...the comeback?! Find out within! 

Indigeneity on Film

National Indigenous History Month is swiftly coming to an end and this week the gang each pitched a film by an indigenous filmmaker. 

The Longest Day of the Year

In honour of the summer solstice we will NOT be sacrificing our boyfriend in a bearskin but instead doing a show on the longest films. Whether it's actually lengthy or just feels that way, nothing gets by us. 

Multiverse of Mania

This week the gang dust off their quantum theories and chat about multiverses on film. And yes they are confused.

Gay Stuff

Pride week is upon us! This week Sean, Sonia and Geremy discuss their favorite queer representations and storylines on film.

The Comeback

The gang is finally back together and doing the long-awaited Easter show lolol. This week the gang talks about comebacks, in film and real life.

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