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Indigeneity on Film

National Indigenous History Month is swiftly coming to an end and this week the gang each pitched a film by an indigenous filmmaker. 

The Longest Day of the Year

In honour of the summer solstice we will NOT be sacrificing our boyfriend in a bearskin but instead doing a show on the longest films. Whether it's actually lengthy or just feels that way, nothing gets by us. 

Multiverse of Mania

This week the gang dust off their quantum theories and chat about multiverses on film. And yes they are confused.

Gay Stuff

Pride week is upon us! This week Sean, Sonia and Geremy discuss their favorite queer representations and storylines on film.

The Comeback

The gang is finally back together and doing the long-awaited Easter show lolol. This week the gang talks about comebacks, in film and real life.

What, Pray Tell, Are You Watching?

This week Sean and Sonia take a much needed catch up on all the whatcha watchin's we skipped over the last few episodes. 

Eurovision Retrospective

It's just Sean and Sonia this week discussing the most flamboyant and political competition series on television: Eurovision.

Mom Wears A Red Wig

After a well deserved lil break, our fearless hosts return to you just in time for mothers day! Whom are the best moms on film, the worst and the in-between? Tune in to find out!

The 420 Show

It is April 20th and that means Sean, Geremy and Sonia dive into the films about imbibing. Whether you toke, smoke or simply joke we have something for you.


Batman is back in theaters and in the zeitgeist so thus week the gang dives into all the Batmen from days of yore.

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