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Whatcha Watchin‘: Extended Remix

The jaunt through the decades has come to an end which means we have skipped Whatcha Watchin' for the last 100 years. This week, it's the entire show!

Chronological Salute To The 1920’s

It's the last decade of our summer romp throughout the decades! This week we bring our finale, the 1920's

Chronological Salute To The 1930’s

The century winds down but the films continue on! This week the gang digs into the films of the 1930's

Chronological Salute To The 1940’s

This week Sean, Sonia and Geremy keep hitting their stride counting down every decade of the last century. We shine a light on the films of the 1940's.

Chronological Salute To The 1950’s

You know the drill by now! This week we sifted through the films of the 1950's.

Chronological Salute To The 1960’s

This week the gang continues backward in time and tackles the films of the 1960's.

Chronological Salute To The 1970’s

This week the gang keeps on trucking back in time. Sean, Sonia and Geremy take a fine-tooth comb to some of the most iconic films of the 70's.

Chronological Salute To the 1980’s

The countdown continues! This week the gang burrows into the overwhelming oeuvre of the 1980's.

Chronological Salute Series: 1990’s

This is basically time travel right? Today the gang continues to move backwards in time and tackle the films from the 1990's.

Chronological Salute Series: 2000’s

This summers hottest series continues this week! Sonia, Sean and Geremy wade through the films of the 2000's

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